Aline, with Conscious Catalyst, offers customized personal coaching packages of varying lengths to suit clients' individual needs. Based upon where you are in your personal or business life, Aline will tailor your coaching sessions toward specific goals of improving your health and wellness, reinvigorating your relationships, defining your life purpose, enhancing your soulful leadership, or continuing a more advanced spiritual journey.

The course of work is broken down into three distinct phases:

AWARENESS - This step is the beginning, essential phase of transforming your life. You will understand where you are today, how you arrived there, your current belief system, and the logic process behind your decision making. Your understanding of yourself and the world will be challenged in a way the enlarges your beliefs of what is possible. This is the essential foundation of positive change.

IMPLEMENTATION - This is the phase when the program is individualized to best fit the needs discovered during the awareness phase. You will be challenged to take action and be held accountable on a weekly basis. In between your weekly sessions you will be tasked with action items to implement on your road to building a better life.

INTEGRATION - The longest phase of any life change, this phase requires you to anchor your knowledge of who you were and the changes you are making. The integration phase is when you not only make the positive changes you desire, but they become part of your habit pattern. You will have integrated your new way of life into the person you have become.

Aline has three different length coaching programs that correspond to the three phases of change:

3 Month Program (one session/week) - Awareness of the physical and intellectual levels of your life

6 Month Program (one session/week) - Awareness and implementation phases of the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of your life

12 month "Soul Mentorship" Program - The most complete program offered. It will only be offered to those clients who are ready for a substantial commitment of their time and energy. It will include the Awareness, Implementation, and Integration of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life.

If you are ready to transform your life, please contact Aline for your free 20 minute consult to determine your next step.

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