Aline offers an ongoing program called the "Aline-On-Demand" program. This program is designed for those who feel the need for accountability, some push to follow-through, continuity for accomplishments and clarity of unexpected situations.

The sessions are organized around a 60 min call/zoom, twice a month that can be dedicated to focus on whatever area is most needed at the moment. Whether it is an emotional discomfort, a lack of follow-through for a project, a procrastinating situation that leads to disappointment or lack of sovereignty, or just a deepening of a spiritual construct for curiosity, you are in charge of the exploration you most need.

The commitment is the key. Commit to have your Soul Guide on your life business staff and you will feel the confidence of being supported, nurtured and guided!

Aline-On-Demand (Retainer Program)

Includes two 60-min sessions zoom or phone + Unlimited access to emails & texts with a 24-hr response time.

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