If you are, currently, a life coach or an individual and is looking to optimize your knowledge and experience, or if you are new to the field and wish to dive full in, this program could be for you!

Aline offers a unique life coaching Intensive/certification program designed to enhance your coaching effectiveness, and potentially join the coaching team at Conscious Catalyst.

This course is 20 years of experience combined into a 100-hour program to mentor people dedicated to higher standards of conscious living. Specifically designed for coaches and individuals who strive for excellence, desire to become the leaders in their field, and are ready to embrace a life of authentic wealth in every dimension.

Imagine a program that offers you the methodology to guide yourself and others to the source of the true being. Beyond their belief system, beyond their emotional patterns, beyond their physical limitations.

This is the equivalent of a Yoga Training Intensive. You can use it only to sharpen your own self and better your life or becoming a coach. Either way, you will step into your own extraordinariness!

What will you discover, learn, understand and master...

The trainee will discover the laws that govern the spiritual (energetic) reality and that also apply to the physical reality in the manifestation process. The trainee will learn the mechanics of the creative process and the correlation between the unseen and the seen, the known and the unknown the above and the below.

Trainees will deepen their understanding about the metaphysical structure of the creative process by connecting the theory and the practice. This module focuses on developing a strong foundation and bringing clarity between universal abstract concepts and the practice of a conscious lifestyle.

The trainee will create his own personal toolbox to conscious lifestyle by discovering practical ways to experience mindfulness in his/her life. This focus is meant to empower the coach to dive into his/her own creative potential to enable essential evolution to happen from within. 

This module offers ways to open the trainee’s mind to ways of healing one’s life with the power of intuitive strategies, observation and perceptions. The purpose is to teach the trainee how to use the power of self-awareness, discernment and personal sense of purpose.

Trainees will learn to self-evaluate, establish a daily routine for self-awareness and mindfulness and will create their personal strategy to implement a conscious lifestyle that fits their personal vision, individual needs and life requirements.

This module is an add-on to the original curriculum. It offers the marketing practices, ideas and supports I have been using for the past 12 years and have created a foundation to my business success.

I Want to Go to the Next Level!

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