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Whether you need to establish a healthy diet, begin a workout program, or simply hold yourself accountable to follow your health and wellness regimen, Aline's experience and training will help you achieve your goals.

Aline has 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, is a graduate of the French cooking school "La Lycée de Hotelier" in La Rochelle, France and loves cooking fresh, healthy food. Take the first step toward your new life of health and wellness!

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"I had probably the most amazing one hour conversation last Friday with Aline Hanle. Not many courses, books, or people have changed the trajectory of my life. Definitely none have done it in such a short time (63 minutes). I recommend all of our Body Solutions Inc. clients look into getting a consultation with Aline for clarity into your soul, happiness, being."

Steve Young, CEO Body - Maverick Mastermind Member

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