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Are you in search of a life partner, or are you involved with someone and you've lost the spark? Are you in a confrontational relationship with your children or parents? Do you have a hard time thriving with your co-workers or friends?

The constant in these relationships is you! There are certain truths that apply to every relationship, no matter the participants. Take time with Aline and begin working on yourself to discover how this learning will improve your relationships in all aspects of your life.

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"I can tell you my wife and I feel much closer and have greater understanding of each other and each others' perspectives. For instance, I feel guilty when I travel sometimes and she feels left out. I think we have been able to glean a better understanding of why we feel that way and how we can both overcome our particular feelings to increase our happiness and enjoyment."

Matt Curry, CEO of TheHybridShop.coman tell you my wife and I feel much closer and have greater

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