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Weight Loss & Emotions

Our physical body is not betraying us. We are betraying it by simply choosing habits that are not serving our greatest life. These habits are built from obsolete beliefs about the body, limited perceptions about wellness, emotional confusion and distorted expectations. In this book, you'll learn how to approach weight management from an emotional viewpoint and you'll discover ways to transform the way you look at yourself and life so that you remember how to honour your body, your shape and your entire physical experience.

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Wellness from the inside-out

This Health and Wellness report shares 13 articles about well-being and the art of conscious living with mindfulness and perceptive shifts. It offers tones of tips to better your lifestyle and help you transform your life with simple mindful practices . Whether you are looking for guidance about weight loss, stress and emotional management , learning to relax or gaining vitality, this work can practically guide you in creating new habits and new routines without wasting time or money!


Soulful Leadership Series

The Odd Path is a guide to soulful influence and inner-authority. It provides support to those who are ready to empower their leadership skills with soulfulness. Soulfulness is the art of being empowered with empathy, intuition, compassion, patience, vision and inner-truth. The soulful leaders of the world, each, in their own ways and in their own fields, inspire many to transform their life for the greater good. These leaders had an advantage. They, first, realised the power of recognising the extraordinary within themselves.

Guide to Emotional Eating

Transcend Sabotaging Habits

"10 things you need to do NOT to be an emotional eater at 9o'clock at night" shares ways to better manage your emotional eating patterns. Your emotional eating behaviour comes from a limited level of consciousness that no longer support your sense of happiness. This report’s goal is to take your mind on a journey to expand your consciousness and let you perceive a new way to see yourself and your relationship with food.

Love & Dating

Dating the "right guy"

A little bit of humour is always a great way to walk an emotional path. Relationship is a serious matter and this report is approaching it with some lightness. "7 real French tips to get more dates with true, caring and awesome guys" shares a series o practical mindful exercises to help you become clearer about who you are so that you attract the partner that best fits your soul and heart needs. Coming from a French native, this report proposes a refreshing look at love!

Bridging the Years

Mindful Practice Series

We can choose to be passive or active in our ways to manifest our life. Either is fine but one gives us a much more mindful approach to our life and a greater sense of empowerment. This powerful exercise is designed to bring clarity to your vision. It provides a step-be-step process to help you reveal what's next for you in 2021. This is a Conscious Catalyst Signature tool and a favourite of our business and successful high-achievers clientele. A must-do for all new year resolution fans!