Il Sogno Vero

Make Your Dream Come True

Conscious Creative Event

A week-long experience to discover a hidden gem at the southern point of Italy where land, sea and sky meet to offer the best that life has to offer. This retreat is designed for those who are ready to make their dreams come true. Imagine, visualize, densify and manifest all your soul's desires by saying YES to this incredible journey into the uncharted territories of the possible. Together, we will connect with the pure potential creative flow and learn to use conscious tools and practices to effortlessly and joyfully manifest. Are you ready to say YES to your dreams? Reserve Your Spot below and this journey will begin NOW!*

September 2-9, 2023

Fasano, Puglia Italy

*Limited Space

Italy 2023

Our Stay

La Casa

Enjoy the special tranquility, the spirit loci, the landscape with the olive and almond trees. Everyone will find "their" favorite spot here: at the pool with a distant view, in the shade of the trees, on the roofs, on the terraces or under the loggia. Located between the Adriatic Sea and the hills of the Val D'Itria. From the panoramic terraces you can enjoy a fabulous view of a sea of olive trees and the Adriatic coast of Puglia. The small white towns of Ostuni, Cisternino, Savelletri invite you to visit. The beautiful beaches are not far or you can enjoy the peace and nature around your holiday home.

Culture & Rich History

It is a land where ancient peoples left their traces in innumerable monuments interspersed throughout the territory, a land of rich culinary traditions, where biological agriculture is a growing, popular activity. The sea - and often two seas - is everywhere within easy reach, being the region so elongated.

Puglia Region

The territory of Puglia (also called Apulia in English), is the easternmost region in Italy, a long, narrow peninsula, bordered by two seas, the Ionian and Adriatic, with the longest coastline in the Italian peninsula.

Soulful Vibes

Imagine a space where connection, positivity, mindfulness and well-being all dance together around pure organic food, relaxing experiences and essential joy. This is what this retreat is all about and this is what you are invited to join!


The newly remodeled beautiful home with its regional architecture combines beauty, style and spaciousness. It offers over 75 amenities for your comfort and well-being. Whatever you need, you will find it there!

Coastline & Beaches

The house is perfectly located in a remote space to enjoy tranquility and calm while just a few miles away from urban activities, excursions and historical visits. The turquoise waters of the surrounded beaches will give us the perfect space to relax and rejuvenate in the salty waves and the finest white sand of the Ionian Sea.

Pool & Outdoor Activities

Poolside lounges and other outdoor activities will make this week full of options to nurture the body, feed the mind and delight the soul.

Your Retreat, Your Experience

Dream . Visualize . Conceptualize . Activate . Manifest

Expand Your Horizon

Master the Law of Attraction

Conscious Manifestation

Everything begins with expanding the mind and allowing it to let go of what it sees. Imagination is the queen that will broaden our perception. This retreat in the Puglia region of Italy is an opportunity to explore these uncharted areas of our being where more of our creativity awaits and where we can retrieve more of our potential. Learn how to dive deeper within yourself to find what you are made of beyond the surface.

The universe is filled with opportunities for us to express our genius and one way to do it is to learn the principles that govern the creative process and through specific practices, activate the magic that we harbor. The law of attraction is the magnetic force that moves our emotions, thoughts and actions and when we understand it, we can more easily master it. This focus is the substance of this Italian retreat.

The manifestation process is pure mechanics. Like any great mechanical system, it is designed to produce specific outcome. Your life experiences are the outcomes we will be shaping because we will learn how to use the universal mechanics and design a personalized plan for you to manifest your dreams. You will come to this retreat with a prepared focus and a clear vision to be crystalized into your lifestyle.

Meet Aline.

Aline Hanle is a soul strategist, a spiritual guide and a mindfulness teacher. She has spent 25 years of her life deciphering the language of her soul, shifting her entire reality from victimhood consciousness to a joy-based perceptive one and has led many on their path to conscious lifestyle.  

She owns Conscious Catalyst, a life coaching company that offers a series of proprietary tools and experiences that help identify and re-activate one’s potential and facilitate and integrate one’s individual evolution.  She is the creator of the Cosmic Compass Experience.

Aline’s programs, modalities, workshops and retreats have contributed in transforming hundreds of lives and getting consciousness closer to a higher-frequency reality where the heart and mind can collaborate in harmony. 

Her latest work is focused on facilitating individual conscious evolution from a 3D reality-simulation (Material world of fear) towards a 5D reality-oneness (Dimensional Harmonic Experience). Aline teaches in English, French and Italian.

Dedicated to provide the best in Conscious Lifestyle strategies, Aline's motto is: "we re always at the right place, right time, doing the right thing and being the right one".


Southern Region of Italy

Your Itinerary Overview

Here is our itinerary tentative to help you envision yourself in this delightful experience. After your registration, you will receive an email with all the essential information to help you pack your bags and be mindfully ready!


Welcoming Circle

Meet and greet - Breaking the Ice + Visionary Dinner + Sound & Mindfulness Meditation.


Alberobello - Clustered of Possibilities

Begin your journey into the dreamland of Alberobello and reconnect with all your dreams and desires.


Medieval Village of Ostuni by Tuk Tuk

Traveling in new ways, exploring with total curiosity and moving passed our comfort zone to reconnect with the artist within.


L'Astoria Masseria - Moving life

When beauty, purpose and love move together, there is no way to determine the limits of the human genius at play.


Aspire to Inspire - The Dancing Dream

At home relaxation with nurturing food, enriching experiences, joyful activities. This day will delight the mind and invite it to merge into the heart where dreams exist.


Monopoli and Polignano a Mare

Connect with the original inspiration for the famous song "Nel blu dipinto di blu”, we will find the muse within ourselves and let her move our day.


Locorotondo - Lost & Found

It is when we loose ourselves in the charm and simplicity of what's essential, that we can find the treasure within each moment.


Bari - Keeping the Momentum

Accountability is to the creative process what joy is to the child. Get the 3 conscious secrets to keep moving intentionally and effortlessly to soar!

Information and Logistics

Fasano, Province of , Puglia

Fasano sits where the low hills and grotto-pocked plains of Puglia lead to the Adriatic Sea. Fasano has ancient roots dating back to Greco-Roman times. Fasano offers the best of the hills and the sea where rich farmland gives a bounty of fruits and vegetables utilized in the regional cuisine, along with fresh seafood from the coast. 

Puglia region - Italy

Fasano, Puglia - Italy

Typical Regional Architecture


Payment Guidelines

  • $500 non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration
  • Rate Options:
  • Early Bird Rate (by 03/15/2023) $2195/pp
  • Full rate (after 03/16/2023) $2595/pp
  • Early Bird Rate for Couple or friends together (shared room) $1695/pp
  • Full Rate Couple or Friends together $1995/pp
  • Full payment due by July1st, 2023

Your all-inclusive retreat includes:

  • 7 nights in the Casa in Fasano
  • All gastronomic and healthy meals
  • Mindfulness Lectures & Materials
  • All excursions tickets
  • Transportation (except airfares)

Cancellation Policy:

  • The $500.00 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • All payments are non-refundable. This cancellation policy is strict and firm.
  • We highly recommend that you purchase cancellation/travel insurance to protect your investment.
  • Please, do not make any travel arrangements before receiving confirmation of registration.


Saturday September 2nd, 2023

Check-in 5pm

Saturday September 9th, 2023


Italy 2023