The Intuitive Blueprint© is one of Aline's proprietary tools that helps clients determine who they are today and compares it to who they want to become. It also helps clients determine their life's priorities, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their coaching sessions.

The Intuitive Blueprint© is, simultaneously, a tool, a process and a powerful map and compass for the strengthening of your mindset. It is insightful and empowering and help you reach absolute clarity.

The Intuitive Blueprint© is one of the most innovative and revolutionary coaching tools of the 21st century. Simple, transformative, practical and enlightening, you are never going to find a more attune experience to assess and better your life. It is a true asset in your personal development toolbox and one you deserve to know, master and use!

Aline uses this tool and many others during her coaching sessions and other programs to help her clients achieve the quickest possible results and achieve the life of their dreams.

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