Aline has hosted many events over the 15 year history of Conscious Catalyst, from small local workshops in her hometown of Austin, TX, to larger international retreats in Costa Rica, Mexico, France, and Italy. These events have included couples retreats, open attendance, and men and women only events. Aline has hosted multi-day intensive workshops that are focused on deep emotional and spiritual work, as well as less structured international retreats, where you can find yourself while being immersed in a foreign culture.

Although 2020 was an extraordinary year that impacted the retreat schedule, Aline currently has a French and Italian Retreat scheduled for the summer of 2022. Check them out!

If you have a group or business and are interested in organizing a private retreat with Aline, there are many options and locations available. Aline's retreats are structured to combine self improvement work, individual and group sessions, healthy food, and local fun! Assistance with coordinating logistics and travel is also available. To discuss possibilities or to schedule your retreat, please contact us below.

Retreat Inquiry