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Aline has spent her adult life listening to people's life stories, learning about their experiences, their motivations, and their challenges. She has been an observer of human psychology and behavior in fitness, wellness, personal relationships, and sprirituality, among others.

Using these experiences, Aline has put together a truly unique regimen to help people make positive changes in their lives. She believes that positive change comes from WITHIN. Aline will help you change your perspective about the challenges you face, or have faced, and use that new perspective to make positive changes in your life, quickly and effectively.

If you have challenges in your

-Health and Fitness


-Finding you Life Purpose

-Leadership Style, or

-Are more advanced in your spiritual journey and you want to take it to the next level

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What Clients are Saying


"What I love about Aline's work the most is her ability to design personalised programs that fit my needs to the deepest. Her own inner work shines and has made it so inspiring for me to do mine. Aline is a true soulful leader with a compass pointed towards genuineness. I recommend her to anyone committed to revealing their truth and manifest their dreams."


"It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. It definitively was my experience with Aline. I was feeling somewhat unsatisfied, mentally tired and emotionally drained. Aline gave me tools and directions to help me design my shift. The year long journey with her transformed me so much that people who used to know me could not recognize me! I felt empowered and rejuvenated from the inside out."


"One session with Aline equals a life changing event.... a must add to your personal board of directors!"

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