Dedicated to helping people improve their lives through raising the level of human consciousness.

Change your beliefs - Change your life!

Aline truly believes that real change and real advancement of the human condition occurs one individual at a time, and within each individual.

In short, you are what you choose to be. And you are a product of what you believe!

Real change becomes possible by changing one's perspective, from understanding the patterns of belief each of us has formed over the course of our lives, and reframing the "stories" that we have told ourselves.

Large motivational events and flashy speakers can leave attendees on an emotional high and feeling on top of the world....like they can do anything in their life.....but nearly always the feeling slips away in a matter of days, and without constant exposure to this high level energy, nothing in your life will truly change. Because you are relying on the energy of outside source....

Aline believes you are shaped by your life experiences...but shaped in the way you choose to be! That there is not necessarily a "good" or "bad" experience, depending on how you integrate that experience into who you become in the future. Positive change is in every way possible from a "bad" experience.

Aline was born and lived in France for 30 years before moving to the United States. She has spoken four languages, has seen up close many different social systems of the world, studied various religions and spiritualities from the East and the West. She has taken wisdom from her many experiences that could be described as difficult or traumatic, and used them beneficially to shape her perspective on life . Aline has been touched by experiences such as a broken home, alcoholism, early death of a parent, and leaving all of her worldly possessions (except her cat) in France to emigrate to the United States, without speaking English.

These experiences have shaped a unique perspective on life. Over 25 years, Aline has deciphered the language of her soul, shifting her entire reality from a consciousness of victimhood, to one based of joy-based perception. Aline truly lives what she teaches - currently resides outside of Wimberley, Texas with her husband of 16 years, her two teenage boys, and their French shepherd named Percy.

Aline Hanle is a soul strategist, a spiritual guide, and a mindfulness teacher. Aline’s coaching programs, mentorships, workshops, and retreats have contributed in transforming hundreds of lives and raising consciousness closer to a higher-frequency reality where the heart and mind can collaborate in harmony.  She owns Conscious Catalyst, a life coaching company that offers a series of proprietary tools and experiences that help identify and re-activate one’s potential and facilitate and integrate one’s individual evolution.

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